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Garbage Collection
1. Trash may be set at curbside after dark the day prior to pickup. DAYS OF PICKUP ARE TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS FOR BOTH RESERVE & ESTATES.
2. All trash must be bagged due to limitations of the trash collection company.
3. Trash Containers need to be used at ALL times when placing perishable garbage out for pick up.
4. Any large item or construction debris must be prearranged with the trash collection company.

CALL Team Waste (985-264-8750) for special trash collection needs.

Reserve HomeOwners Association - Important Services
GNO Property Management is available to take care of most of your concerns with a phone call. 
Lift Stations
When seeing a red flashing light at any of the Reserve or the Estates lift stations please contact H20 immediately and provide the address that is nearest to that lift station. The H2O emergency phone contact is 985 626-5132.

Every effort is needed on your part so that non-biodegradable substances and solids such as GREASE, WIPES, TOWELS etc. are NOT DEPOSITED into your home house lines VIA TOILETS, DRAINS AND/OR GARBAGE DISPOSALS. There has been excessive amounts of fibrous, non-biodegradable solids being pulled out of the lift station on Delta Drive causing overflow problems. Please advise GUESTS, MAID SERVICES & FAMILY MEMBERS of this very important area of CAUTION needed on everyone's part
Mailbox Replacement
For repairs, replacement, parts and warranty information call:
Thomas Cyphers, he will set up the repair jobs with local handy man
Phone 770 436-6198